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Your Financial Security is Being Led to Calmly and Competently

We are a group of industry specialists with extensive knowledge of the financial markets. Every day, we continuously check the markets. We made the decision to found our business in order to use our knowledge to assist retail Forex, Comex, and Indices traders in making consistent monthly profits. All of XPRO traders are spread out over the globe, and the company is registered in US. We moved from being too good to be true and having a lot of scepticism to becoming a well-known brand that has redefined trading in the FX sector and revolutionized the trading world - and there are still plenty of new innovations to come!

Every day, our experienced traders analyze the market. Every time we take a transaction, members are alerted through messages, WhatsApp, or email.

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Investment Dock Advisors In the corporate environment of large brokerage and investment management firms.


Confidence that your money is in good hands starts with excellent communication from your advisory team

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We stick to our guns through the market’s ups and downs, don’t chase fads, and are not afraid to say “no” when the job requires it.

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We Are A Great Family

We succeed when our clients succeed. To effectively manage risk, we built a proprietary risk engine that uses data pulled from APIs, financials provided by our clients, and machine learning to model a company’s future growth.


Jack Spencer

Chief Executive Officer
Jack is the founder and chairman of Health Invest. Wth 20 years in the executive search business.

James Belfort

Strategic Advisor, Investor
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Amanda Elay

Senior Vice President
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Mariah Carry

As a managing director at the firm, Mike oversees the strategic plans for Fort Pitt Capital’s future.

Gina Kennedy

CEO Founder
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Samanta Willaian

CEO Founder
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Goal-Based Management of Institutional Portfolios